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PRODIE SANTE is a Company with 20 years of experience in the recruitment of highly qualified healthcare professionals around the world.

We fulfill the needs for medical staff for locum, permanent, and expatriate contracts for clinics, hospitals, companies, private practices, sports associations, events, etc.

Our robust network of over 262,000 professionals and our word-of-mouth channels allow us to efficiently source unique candidates from all medical and surgical specialties to meet your different needs.

Corporate Presentation 

Our solutions

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    Streamlined Recruitment Process

    We streamline your decision-making processes by handpicking and vetting the perfect candidates to match your unique needs and requirements.

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    Turnkey solution

    We have cutting-edge technologies, in-house legal, human resources, IT and security, accounting, and marketing teams supporting our front-line consultants.

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    Quality over Quantity

    Prodie Sante is committed to simplifying the recruitment process and will only present a limited number of candidates who match your expectations and are devoted to the betterment of patients’ livelihoods. 

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    International Network

    Exclusively dedicated to the recruitment of medical doctors, we boast a network of over 255,000 internationally qualified healthcare professionals.

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    Fast Turnaround

    Our reputation and expertise allow us to efficiently source candidates for highly specialized searches in all medical and surgical specialties.

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    Trustworthy Service

    20 years of international experience makes us a trustable company able to provide over 6 million working hours per year. 

Client testimonials

"The entire Prodie Santé team has a rare talent based on professionalism and listening skills. They have fully understood the needs of La Chaine de l'Espoir. Prodie santé is totally committed to our projects, and its support, based on mutual trust since day one, has been and still is precious to us"

Agnes Simon, Head of Mother-Child Project - NGO La chaîne de l’espoir
Agnes Simon

"I would like to warmly thank Prodie Santé for having mobilized its resources free of charges and for joining the efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières to recruit medical personnel in the challenging context of the COVID-19 pandemic."

Clémence Lauras, Head of Partnerships MSF France
Clémence Lauras

"Hello from Berlin!  I’m Neurosurgeon Muaath Abu-Owaimer, and I have been a client of Prodie Sante for a number of years.  I’ve always found you to be a wonderful, reliable, communicative, and genuine agency.  I wish you the very best for your anniversary and here’s to the next 20 years.""

Dr. Muaath Abu-Owaimer testimonial, Neurosurgeon
Dr. Muaath Abu-Owaimer testimonial

"I must highlight my completely satisfaction with this Head-Hunting agency. I always get the perfect candidate thanks to Prodie Santé when I need one. Once again thank you in advance !"

Dr. Jean-Bernard Bouchet, Radiologist
Dr. Jean-Bernard Bouchet

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