"I like the summary tables of the replacements and particularly appreciate the friendly character of the relations with the consultants of Prodie Santé"

Dr Loic D, Thoracic Pulmonologist/Oncologist
Dr Loic D

"Availability and friendliness of the team, the service is completely adapted to the specificity of the private sector in which I work"

Dr. Caroline C, General Physician
Dr. Caroline C

"Prodie Santé simplifies my life by taking care of the full management of my recruitments."

Dr. Alex J, ER Physician
Dr. Alex J

"I am always impressed by the volume and the variety of opportunities as well as the responsiveness of the teams!"

Dr. Morgan B, Radiologist
Dr. Morgan B

"Excellent service, very professional. The teams are prepared and capable of adapting to the individual needs of the professionals that they are in contact with."

Ms. Edwige R, Thoracic Surgeon
Ms. Edwige R

"In particular, I appreciate the speed of the responses of Prodie Santé for the sought missions."

Dr. Noël C, Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Noël C

"Excellent services provided, a team that is always listening and exceptionally responsive. Zero problems in many years."

Dr. Llies O, Paediatrician
 Dr. Llies O

"Serious missions and opportunities, prompt responses. Thank you!"

Dr. Simona D, Internal Medicine Physician
Dr. Simona D

"Excellent experience. Very good contact with the different consultants, always well informed and clear on the details provided"

Dr. Laurent L, Cardiologist
Dr. Laurent L

"Good advice in regards to the reception of a doctor and great partnership. We wish to continue our relationship to fill the vacancies in the medical team of our health center."

Mr. Gilles Q, Municipal Mayor
Mr. Gilles Q

"We entrust Prodie Santé with the search for very explicit profiles with very specific characteristics"

Mr. Michael P, Clinic Director
Mr. Michael P

"What matters is the quality of the profiles proposed when we have vacancies, that's why we are loyal to Prodie Santé"

Ms. Lisa E, Human Resources
Ms. Lisa E

"We appreciate their presence, the follow-ups, the efficiency and the kindness of the teams of Prodie Santé"

Dr. Louis A, Hospital Director
Dr. Louis A

"Thanks to their interest and knowledge of the operation of our establishment, Prodie Santé proposes proactive measures and can anticipate some of our needs"

Ms. Leslie C, Clinic Human Resources Director
Ms. Leslie C

"A great help for the management of the recruitment needs of medical human resources"

Mr. Alan L, Hospital Human Resources Director
Mr. Alan L

"We trust Prodie Santé and we trust the capabilities of their teams to which we often entrust the recruitment of our doctors"

Mr Denis N., Director of a group of hospitals
Mr Denis N.

"Prodie Santé has become an essential component of our day-to-day, they are capable of presenting us with doctors for short-term assignments within hours"

Dr. Diane L, Clinic Director
Dr. Diane L

"Efficient collaboration and excellent knowledge of the profiles of the proposed candidates"

Ms. Anne D, Human Resources Director
Ms. Anne D


Prodie Santé - Anecdotes
Prodie Santé - Anecdotes


Prodie Santé - Anecdotes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRWYHkFtXXc
Prodie Santé - Anecdotes


Prodie Santé - Anecdotes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tIdYlDnF5I
Prodie Santé - Anecdotes


Prodie Santé - Anecdotes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEiqNDLEhq4
Prodie Santé - Anecdotes


Prodie Santé - Anecdotes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37STAW1b0OY
Prodie Santé - Anecdotes

About Prodie Santé

20 years of experience in international medical staff recruitment make us a trustable company able to provide over 6 million working hours per year. That's the result of a trustable experience. The Perfect Match means that we 'handpick' candidates from our network of over 255,000 physicians worldwide, we submit only those who match your precise needs and are ready to accept your offer. Here is the real value in our hard work.